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Our Mission

Stadium All-Stars is on a fan-fueled mission to bring the stadium experience to all fans with Fan Cutouts, Immersive Tailgate Drive-Ins, and Virtual Fan Suite Experiences. Our technology will integrate with your club’s platforms to quickly and easily provide your fans the chance to BE AT THE GAME!

1. Recover Revenue

Monetize empty seats by offering players & fans an interactive virtual experience.
Provide value to upcoming season ticket holders a chance to have fan cutouts repping all season

2. Sponsorship opportunities

• Drive viewership, fan interaction, and social sharing
• Partner Branded Stadium Section Covers

3. Engage Fanbase

• Give fans a chance to ‘be at the game’ and see their face in the stands driving viewership, social sharing and fan interaction.
• Offer sweepstakes, team event and social media opportunities, and branded memorabilia upgrades.
• Create immersive fan experiences and memorable tailgate watch parties for virtual and non-virtual fans

Comprehensive & Professional

Our Services

We can offer a custom fan experience for you, here is a list of some of the out-of-the-box solutions we have:

Portrait Cut Prints (Powered by Grafico Inc., est 1967)

Fan cutouts custom-cut to individual, couples or groups
Stadium Section Covers for any size arena
Immediate turnaround time and delivery

Immersive TailGate Drive-Ins

Turn your empty stadium parking lot into a revenue-generating experience for your fans. Our industry-disrupting technology allows Fans to have the ultimate, private viewing party from the comfort of their cars.

Fan Suite Virtual Experiences

The multi-feed, multi-audio experience allows endless opportunity
for engagement with Fans, Season Ticket Holders, Teams, and Brands
Live Backlots, Greenrooms, Audience Cams, and more

End to end Management

Digital Marketing Support
Align corporate brand strategies with the deliverables
Custom solutions via web portal for your team

Dedicated Customer Service

We're committed to making happy customers out of all the savage fans out there with fast, quality service.

Immediate Turnaround

Let your brand presence be felt in the tangible world! We create beautiful solutions for prints of all sizes

training online

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Discover revenue generating possibilities with us!

Let us help you creatively recover lost revenue.

“Consumers tend to lead the way. If they’re adopting or embracing a new technology, how do you make sure you are leading the way and taking an entrepreneurial spirit into that endeavor"
— Andrew Schneider of @FOXBet #ThinkSports
“Sports create community and fun.” As for the game day experience: we won’t have that for a long time. "We have to make sure that sports and women’s sports in particular continue to find ways to enage fans.”
@HeatherBKaratz, @XFLWildcats #ThinkSports

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